Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology
Based on the Sefer Yetsira (Circa 2000 BC) and Zohar studies, Kabbalistic Astrology offers a complete different interpretation of the natal chart based on the "tikkun" or correction process of the soul, as taught by Abraham the Patriarch and other Kabbalists, such as The Rabad, R. Abraham Ibn Ezra, Shabbatai Donolo,
R. Pinchas Eliyahu and many others...

Only through the understanding of one's personal correction, can the individual achieve his higher potential, and transcend the trap and obstacles of the natal planetary alignments.
— The history and purpose of Kabbalistic Astrology —
The teachings of Kabbalistic Astrology originate with Abraham the Patriarch who authored a book known as the Book of Formation 3800 years ago. Abraham was able to reveal the DNA of our universe and how the influences of the zodiac affect our lives. Join world renown Kabbalistic Astrologer Yael Yardeni as she explains how we can use Kabbalistic Astrology as a short cut to find and understand the truth of our soul, our mission in the world and how we can improve all of our relationships.
Yael Yardeni
Senior Astrologer, Certified Hypnotherapist

Founder of the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology
Author of "Kabbalistic Secrets of The Zodiac"

Yael Yardeni — was born and raised in France, where she studied Physics and Mathematics. In 1987, she moved to the United States and concentrated on studying Kabbalistic Astrology.

Yael has become a Kabbalistic astrologer and astrology teacher with an international reputation. Culling insight from her degrees in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regressions, her astrological chart readings are in no way conventional. Through them, Yael has helped many people around the world change their lives, improve their relationships, and connect to their life purpose. Yael has made more than 10,000 natal charts! In the last 15 years, Yael has become the personal astrologer for many celebrities.

Yael Yardeni has gained worldwide recognition through working with clients around the world, she has done world tours teaching Kabbalistic Astrology in countries such as, Russia, USA, Israel, Brazil, The Philippines, Hong Kong, South Africa, Paraguay, England and more!

Married for thirty years to Eliyahu Yardeni, a Kabbalah Teacher, they have three children and a dog. Together, they opened Kabbalah Centres in France, London, and Miami, and managed the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles for a number of years.

A few years ago, Yael moved to Moscow, where in 2017 she opened the world's first Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology.

She is published and interviewed in many media outlets such as: InStyle Magazine, Glamor Magazine, TV Cultura (Brazil), CNN TV (Philippines), Domashnaye TV Channel (Russia), ITV Channel & The Morning Show, LaIsha Magazine (Israel).

New AKA Level 1
5 Levels in The Course
10 weeks + Study materials
Fee: 37 500 rub
The Beginners course will give the students the history of Astrology, with resources from the Zohar, a general view of the solar system, an insight into the different factors which make a person destiny, a better understanding of the signs and their missions, and an overview of the planets.
10 weeks
Fee: 37 500 rub
The Medium level will provide a much deeper insight into the planets and their interactions in a chart, the Astrological houses in depth, the different systems of houses, as well as the astrological planetary aspects.
A test will be provided in the end.
8 weeks
Fee: 30 000 rub
How to build and read an astrological chart, and how to use intuition as well in the reading, with focus on the soul's correction in this life

The Astrology of Reincarnation
6 weeks
Fee: 22 500 rub
This course will teach us how to deeper interpret the nodes of the Moon, and other important features to map a person's previous lifetimes.

Specific Aspects in Astrology
8 weeks
Fee: 30 000 rub
Medical astrology, solar returns, progressions and transits.
Note: At the end of the different modules a certificate will be delivered.

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