Danielle Devorah Yardeni
Danielle Devorah Yardeni
Business Coach
Kabbalistic Astrology Teacher
Danielle Dvora is a Kabbalistic Astrology - Teacher.
Danielle served the IDF for 5 years, and quickley became a squadron commander. SHE managed in the course of her carreer over 1000 soldiers, commanders and officers.
Danielle has also worked with the Israeli ministry of education, welfare and municipal affairs.
She served in the units competent to command disadvantaged populations and youth at risk, back then, she fell in love with the sense of vocation that surrounded her roll.
Devorah started studying at The Kabbalah Centre in 2018 and is currently an active mentor in the basic courses of Kabbalah.
She is a graduate of A.K.A for many years and is also a certified coach ( of…) who really helps students get out of their comfort zone.
Danielle is happily married and lives in NYC, In her spare time she is writting beautiful poetry.