Nechama Elhananov
Nechama Elhananov
Teacher of Kabbalistic wisdom
Kabbalistic Astrologer
Graduate of the A.K.A.
Though Nechama was born in Paris, she moved around as a child and lived in several different parts of the world. Her parents are Kabbalah teachers; she counts herself lucky to have been raised with the spiritual wisdom and tools Kabbalah provides. She continues to be inspired by Kabbalah and is always excited to discover something new in the teachings.

Since graduating from Touro College South in Miami in 2011 with a BA in a double major of Marketing and Management, Nechama has been a part of The Kabbalah Centre team in various capacities. She began teaching Kabbalah to teens and also taught several classes with adults, but she really found her niche as a Kabbalistic Astrologer. She is passionate about conveying messages to students that she hopes will make an impact in their lives and is constantly striving to improve in all facets of teaching.

Nechama is excited to be part of the Kabbalistic Astrology team and a resource for students wanting to learn about and take hold of their destiny. She lives in New York with her husband and three kids.
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