Nechama Sinwani
Nechama Sinwani
Teacher of Kabbalistic wisdom
Kabbalistic Astrologer
Graduate of the A.K.A.
Nechama has been studying Kabbalah and teaching in the Center for 18 years.

During this time, she taught and worked with students in Los Angeles, Miami, Israel, London, Croatia, St. Petersburg and Omsk. 8 years ago, she moved to Russia, together with her husband, and became part of the Moscow Kabbalah Center team of teachers.
Nechama is fluent in Russian, English and Hebrew. She is fond of yoga, meditation practice, healthy eating and keeps a separate blog about conscious parenthood, being at the same time a mother of three children.

Nechama studied astrology from the first day of the opening of the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology in Moscow. Right now she is a practising astrologer and teacher at the Academy.

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