Kabbalistic Astrology Forecast
for the Week of 15th – 21st of September
Yael Yardeni
Hi everyone!

We are right in the middle of lunar Virgo, and everyone feels like in a laundromat!
This week awaits us with more spiritual work, that's the least we can say.

With a strong Aries rising and a prominent Uranus in the 1st, this week is all, but calm and Zen!

Mercury, the ruler of this month and messenger of the gods, is extremely challenged with a 150 degree angle to the ascendant, and several oppositions. Its essential to proceed cautiously and measure our words.

In addition, the Moon is now in Pisces, conjunct in a wider orb with blurry Neptune and the Black moon. But of course, when it rain, it pours: Neptune is also opposed to the Sun which can create illusions, lack of clarity, and a foggy energy all around.

Surprisingly, both Venus and Mercury are already in the next sign of Libra and it definitely adds to the global indecision and to plenty of questioning.

The key feature this week is Uranus, our cosmic troublemaker as it rules natural disasters, unexpected events , and with Neptune involved, a lot of unpleasant uncertainty.

In conclusion, the cosmos status would be called on FaceBook: '"It's complicated!"
So where is the silver lining in all this?

Actually, there is enough energy in this chart to generate huge changes!

Uranus is practically on the chart's ascendant! So let's get ready for very unusual and sudden self discoveries. Uranus is also considered the researcher of the galaxy.

With the stubbornness of the MC conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, we have no choice but to make changes! We are talking about personal internal changes, as well as thoughtful and calculated external ones.

Let's remember we are in the heart of lunar Virgo, Ellul, the month of teshuva (return) or as our teacher the Rav would call it, 'back to the future energy.'
Generally speaking, this time require thoroughness, accuracy and twisting our tongue seven times before any comment is made.
The whole universal machine feels unstable but with 11 cardinal planets in the cosmos we are definitely moving to our next level. Staying the same will feel extremely uncomfortable.

With personal efforts, real blessings will emerge soon in all domains of life.

Our real focus right now is internal balance and of course……transformation and upgrade: in short a great preparation for the new cosmic year!

We should meditate on the 72 names aleph vav mem to open bridges towards others, and help the global world situation:
We should keep in our prayers all the world places which are under harsh Uranian influence.

A very intense, but fruitful week overall!


with Yael Yardeni
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