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Message from the Dean
Yael Yardeni
Dean of the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology
Dear Students,

As we begin the new lunar month of Cancer, many cosmic questions are being asked: where will I be tomorrow?

What is my greater plan for the future, how well will we be?

However, of course, the sign of Cancer being ruled by the Moon, has many fears and goes through many complex feelings.

In order to transform. The chart of the molad reflects just that!

As Mars and Neptune are conjunct in the 12th house, it's time to dig deep in our subconscious and psyche to redefine ourselves

In order to move forward. With 5 planets in retrograde motion, we definitely need to re-think our lives!

This lunar month, be careful in transportations, contracts signing, and communication altogether, as Mercury will be in retrograde motion until mid-July.

Let's get back to our drawing boards and replan our future fearlessly.

Chodesh tov to all
Yael Yardeni
Dean of AKA
(Tav Chet)
(Tav Chet)

Rav Berg on New Moon of Cancer
Portion of Bereshit A
Bereshit A: Verse 126

The "greater luminary" is the sun, which has twelve openings and twelve hours, as the sun rules over the day. The "lesser luminary" is the moon, which also has twelve openings, the moon rules over the night, which has twelve hours. For this reason, IT IS WRITTEN: "On that day Hashem shall be one, and His Name One" (Zecharyah 14:9). "ONE" IS MENTIONED TWICE: ONCE FOR YUD HEI VAV HEI, WHO IS ZEIR ANPIN, "THE GREATER LUMINARY," AND ONCE OF HIS NAME, WHICH IS THE FEMALE, "THE LESSER LUMINARY." The sun together with its twelve openings becomes the thirteen attributes of Mercy. The moon together with its twelve openings also adds up to thirteen. SO THE SUN BECOMES ONE AND THE MOON BECOMES ONE; THEN IT SAYS, "HASHEM SHALL BE ONE, AND HIS NAME ONE," BECAUSE THE NUMERICAL VALUE OF ECHAD (ONE) ADDS UP TO THIRTEEN. Thus, the sun and the moon become one and the day and night also become one. This is why it is written: "And there was evening and there was morning, one day" (Beresheet 1:5). The secret OF THIS UNION is ONLY applicable on high.

Retrograde planets in your natal chart
Time to Transform
– Pluto effect in the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter 21/12/20.

Teacher of the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology
For me having Pluto in my 4th house it feels like a planet of the underworld, where all the secrets are hidden , all the questions of life and death lye.

But than again it's a planet that influenced all of us on a bigger scale as well.

It has a very slow movement of 248 years around the elliptic and it spends in each sign between 13 to 30 years.

On January 26th 2008 Pluto moved into Capricorn.

Before that in Saggitarius was all about too much freedom – rise of terrorism and war against it , people were imprisoned without trial, rise of religion and spirituality , looking for whom to blame instead of taking the responsibility.

But in Capricorn Pluto is more focused and structured. Being influenced by Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, its giving us time to re-think and re-check what's going on in our lives and how we influence the world.

Questions of being reborn in a new reality, are we ready to change it? Are we ready to take a personal responsibility for everything we do in our lives? Are we willing to put the right borders and inject right restrictions over our desires?
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke
British Statesman and Philosopher (1729-1797)
A little bit of history of how Pluto in Capricorn influenced the times before:

When Pluto entered Capricorn on February 532 CE ,the distractive force of a Krakatoa volcano erapted which created darkness for many years, years of depression and mini ice age.

History shows that under influence of Pluto was in Capricorn many powerful empires raised and fell, governments changed , rules changed, religion structures changed, and also economics.

Few examples:

1024 – rise of Vikings, brutal and harsh , didn't fear death cause of their belief in Thor with his magic hammer that can destroy and resurrect.

Chinese startedto use paper currency and understood how they can load money and make even more profit for themselves.

In 1275 Marco Polo set off his trip to China establishing new trade routes.

Today China is growing as a world power. Their economy is booming.

1516 – 1533 – Spanish invaders ruled by Cortez destroyed the Aztec Empire.

Few years later Spanish commander overrun the Inca Empire.

Spain also began their conquest of Mayan.

Ottoman empire grew strong under Suleiman 1.

In the 16th Centure the Catholic church was the most powerful and corrupted organization, and it collapsed during transit of Pluto in Capricorn 1517-1533.

1517 – Martin Luther went againz Church and started a revolution.

During this time another reformer, famous King Henry the 8th brakes the influence of Catholic church on England by creating a separate church in England , all that in order to marry Anne Boleyn.

1762-1778 – Colonial era

1774 – Marie Antounette and French revolution.

Britain took control of India. French seized much of Polynesia, and Captain Cook's arrival in Australia would lead to distraction of another population by invading Europeans.

Slavery was outlawed in Britain in 1772 but in Africa slave trade increased dramatically.

Industrial revolution - 1773 - London's first stock exchange.

New systems which led to less regulation of the government.

And it led to increased competition.

2008 – 2024 – Period of environmental degradation and climate change.

We are using more and more of earth resources, especially fossil fuels such as coal and oil, adding to the effects of global warming.

We have been living on borrowed time, well beyond our means. Buy now; pay later. But now our credit is running out.

Pluto is not an easy planet to control or deal with.

But it is our choice to go through hell or to be willing to pay debts to nature and give unconditional love.

Written by Nechama Sinwani
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