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Message from the Dean
Its with a great pleasure that we are welcoming the new Lunar month of Sagittarius, the window for miracles and wonders. When we take a glimpse at the Birth of the New Moon we are amazed by the number of fire planets! Get ready for things to move forward quickly ! It's a great time to push ourselves forward and to be bold ! On December 3rd Jupiter the star of this month, will enter Capricorn and a new life cycle begins. Jupiter will join Saturn in January and together they will help the world gain a new system of values and more faith. Mark in your calendars the wholly-day of Chanukah starting on December 22nd at dusk! Chodesh Tov everyone, love and Light to all

Yael Yardeni
Dean of the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology
Letters of the Month
(Gimel Samech)

Rav Berg – New Moon Sagittarius
Portion of Pinchas
For this reason, everyone who engages in the Torah is released from the influence of stars and constellations.

By learning Torah HERE IS MEANT with the intention of keeping its commandments. If it is not HIS INTENTION TO KEEP ITS COMMANDMENTS, then he is as one who does not engage in Torah, and the stars and constellations hold sway over him.

This is even more true with respect to the common people, who are likened to animals, about which it has been taught: "Cursed be he who lies with any manner of beast" (Devarim 27:21). The hold of the stars and constellations over them is certainly not annulled.
The Part
of Fortune
In ancient and medieval astrology there are many abstract symbols that are called parts or lots, such as: Lot of spirit, lot of necessity, lot of Eros, lot of courage. These particular points are considered to be "karmic".

The very definition of a lot is that it's a virtual point calculated including the luminaries, and there is always a difference when calculating them between diurnal and nocturnal charts.

The most known is the Part of Fortune, and many astrologers have very little idea how to properly interpret it as modern astrology has a tendency consider it a minor point, but this was not the case for ancient astrologers.

In fact, the Part of Fortune is a primary indicator of prosperity, career, and is a strong indicator of the body and health.

Teacher of the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology
"….And Fortune signifies everything that concerns the body, and what one does through the course of life. It becomes indicative of possessions, reputationand privilege"
– Paulus Alexandrinus, a 4th Century author.
It is calculated based upon the longitude of the Sun, Moon and the Ascendant, and therefore composed of the three most significant points of the chart (only the Midheaven isn't directly involved in this calculation). In Ancient Astrology, the Ascendant is the primary indicator of the physical body and health, while the moon is the living aspect of the body – soul. The part of fortune being composed of both of them along with the SUN, tends to indicate the link between the physical and social world in which we live.

When we consider prosperity or health , if a part of fortune is in a good placement , placed near benefic's ( such as Venus, Jupiter and Sun) it will indicate that the physical and social world will support the person and will allow him or her to live in a good condition.

Conversely if malefic's are involved (such as Saturn and Mars) the person will have a harder journey.

Malefic is not synonymous of evil, rather it implies these planets help us build our character and strength. This can only be achieved when the person is proactively working on his/her consciousness, otherwise the experience will be more complex.

Another interesting point is the system of 'derived houses" and how this system can help us understand better the Part of Fortune.

For instance, let's take a chart and spot its location – if we mark the house in which Part of Fortune is located in the chart as house number 1st , than we will count the next house as 2nd, than 3rd and so on.

That way we can see the connection between the Part of Fortune and the other areas of the person's life.

In that example, the house in which the Part of Fortune is located as number 1 and we will count from it to the 10th house , and that house will give us an additional information about the person's best career and how he will make a life and a living. This 11th house (counting from the location of the Part of Fortune ) will show us the social role that the person is playing etc. and so forth…

Conclusion – by finding Lot of Fortune in the chart we can get an important additional information on how the person can be successful in area of his career and health, how the person will enjoy life. It will all, of cause depend on the fact that the person will activate those abilities that he has.
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