Kabbalistic Astrology Forecast
for the Month of Virgo 2019
Yael Yardeni
Hi everyone!

This week, we enter a brand new Lunar Month: the month of Virgo, called in Aramaic – Ellul

The striking trait of this month chart is the formidable amount of changes that can be accomplished: the chart swarms with mutable planets: we have no choice but to move forward and change ourselves! In addition so many planets are in Earth to help us manifest ourselves in a very powerful way.

This is serious business, the cosmos will push our buttons and strip us off from our layers of laziness, heaviness and comfort zone… Just when we thought we could have a smooth ride. But the benefits are gigantic: a new program will be implemented in us, and very soon, our old ways of functioning will belong to a long forgotten past!

Upgrading our real SELVES, not just our external image, and being really truthful with ourselves and others is on the agenda!
Let us as accustomed, give a little roast to our Virgo friends!

Virgo belongs to the earth family, and the sign represents the air (or central column) component of the earth. Practically, out of all the earth signs, the Virgo will be the lightest, like the sand.

It is also considered a mutable sign: they adapt quite well, and are much better communicators than the rest of the earth, due to the air internal component.

Virgos come in 2 categories: the first seem very even in their moods and personalities ("the calm Virgo"), the second are known as… the "mad Virgo" the absolute antithesis of the first, and those ones are really controversial, quite colorful and frankly, sometimes just a little crazy. Planet Mercury loves to play pranks on the signs it rules: both Geminis and Virgos come in doubles!

Being inside the head of a Virgo is a real trip: billions of thoughts occur in a minute, it feels like a mess. Another Mercurial trick… Some Virgos end up sleepwalking because they cannot stop the flow of thoughts even when sleeping. How can that be? The Virgo mind is like a computer/scanner: it records absolutely everything, and attempts to contain and box all the thoughts.

Critical and even judgmental by nature – Virgos look for the absolute purity ("the virgin") and perfection in everything. Unfortunately, it just doesn't exist, so they walk around in frustration for eternity.

If we really really want to know the truth about anything… we must go visit a Virgo!

Disclaimer: we might get hurt by what we hear!

The organ corresponding to the sign is the mid section of the digestive system. As it happens, a tremendous amount of Virgos suffer from food allergies, ulcers or even sometimes colitis, just because of the internal worry and torture they endure in looking for perfection. A great proportion of Virgos are OCD, or have some kind of obsessiveness.

For the record, The Virgo population also includes a great number of hypochondriacs. They are very supplements oriented, and extremely picky eaters.

A big percentage of surgeons are Virgos, thank God, because they know how to cut!

The greatest thing about Virgos is their sense of care: (mother Theresa was a Virgo). They are super responsible and make great assistants: their offices are full of to do lists, they come the first and leave the last. Extremely reliable and professional with everything they touch, they tend to be workaholics. Virgos are not too good at risk taking, but will prefer the security of a steady job (ex: accountings). Some of them are also found in PR and are really talented and sharp.

The famous (funny) Virgo test:

If we want to know who's a Virgo in the room: We start teaching in front of a picture that is purposely made not straight, after 2 minutes the Virgos are going to get agitated, and instead of concentrating on the class, they will look at the crooked picture until one will finally get up and straighten it up (to the relief of all the others).

I personally tried that test with success!
Our homework this month:

• Connect with the Bigger picture
• Flow with life
• Just be happy not grumpy
• Let go of details: its too much!
• Don't judge people so quickly
• Give a second chance to people that disappointed you
• Love is unconditional, not depending on how responsible people are

A very important tip to remember for the whole month is to keep our tongues in check!

Chodesh Tov everyone!


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