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Nechama Sinwani
The Sun and Moon are called the 2 Luminaries of our solar system. Why?

Because the Sun shines to guide our way during the day, and the Moon shines for night travelers. The Sun is strong and powerful, and the Moon is soft and mysterious.

The Sun is what we see externally, clear and transparent as day, but the Moon is hidden, it incites curiosity, fear and even trembling.

These Luminaries are fundamental when we read a natal chart. The Zohar (the main source of Kabbalistic Astrology and wisdom of Kabbalah), speaks about them a lot. We included a Zohar excerpt below. Let's understand better their respective tasks.

The Sun determines up to 60% of our universal task – or Tikkun. The Moon adds a powerful understanding of what a person is hiding from others.

The Sun shows how a person manifests him/herself in public, at work and in the family, while the Moon shows a person's inner desires, the very things a person would usually hide. How a person would react to difficult situations in life and, of course, the individual's internal program -which happens to be the voice of the mother- which is constantly at play in our heads!

It is actually important to remember that this internal voice is not connected with what our mothers have said or done consciously. This is a program that our soul has chosen, with which it came to this world. A program in fact designed to help us awake to our spiritual work.

In ancient times, the idea of involving the Moon in calculating the times and calendar, was widely spread everywhere.

It was well known t that both the new and full Moon have a great influence on Man. A month began with the birth of a New moon, and even the word "month" itself originally came from the new moon. (in Hebrew chodesh = month comes from chadash=new).

The duration of the month was 4 weeks, each week was 1/4 of this cycle, and in total there were 13 months in the year.

Each period was named after its special characteristics.

For example, Indians called the month of January the month of the Wolf, because during this period, packs of wolves roamed the entire forest in search of food. April was called the Pink Month, as everything began to bloom.

If we would give names to months today, we would definitely call February gray and cold, and July - the month of weddings!

It is well documented that the Moon affects the water tides and shores. Even though many of us would like to think that we are not influenced by the stars, constellations and planets, the entire solar system does affects us. The Moon affects greatly the activities of our planet, such as air pressure, wind, the earth's magnetic field and water levels. It also affects us and our emotions. Whether we are aware of it or not, its happening any way: but of course our body consist of 80% water.

The Moon orbits around the earth and enters each constellation every 2.5 days.

This affects our well-being, but we are often ignorant of it. Of course, depending on our natal chart and the position of the Moon, we will feel differently at different times of the month. This information should be taken into account, because it can help us get the most energy.

There are 12 solar signs of the Zodiac, and 12 lunar signs, which are also divided into 4 elements and 3 more subsections.

The weather affects all of us – whether its sunny or rainy: There is an emotional weather in the transits of the Moon, which also influences us.
For instance, when positioned in fire signs, the Moon becomes an element of fire in nature. Hot, inspiring, vitally active, and passionate. It is fast and agile, but it can also burn out. The same way humanity has learned to use fire, we must learn how to properly direct this fiery energy.

In earth signs the Moon takes on all the qualities of the earth. Flowering meadow, dry bare desert, green orchard. Therefore, if we need to focus on details - conclude contracts, make money transactions, etc.. it is recommended to do so when the Moon is entering arth signs.

The Moon in air signs has many moods. Sometimes it's like a light, refreshing breeze, which it is pleasant and good, and sometimes it's a storm, knocking us down. There are hurricanes and foggy days when the air is so thick and dense that it is difficult to see anything. Despite all this, we cannot exist or breathe without air,. Air is closely connected with consciousness and with the transfer of information, here the Moon helps to concentrate on ideas and share them, on new contacts between people and communications in general.

The Moon in water signs is subject to environmental influences. When the water freezes, it turns into ice, beginning to melt when it's getting warmer, and will evaporate in the heat. On one hand, water can fill up any vessel, but on the other, dripping water can create a hole in a stone. During this time, it's good to connect to our inner self and our feelings, but this particular moment is not suitable for making logical decisions.

The Moon in cardinal signs is fast, active and moving forward. Such energy helps to start new projects and actively promote them. This is a dynamic moon, helping to concentrate on goals. But only to move forward, not to scream like a bulldozer, dragging and forcing everyone else along.

The Moon in fixed signs is slow and persistent, but stubborn, and cannot push us out of stagnation. This is not a time for battle, but a grace period to pay attention to the surrounding beautiful world, to stop and smell the flowers, examine and evaluate the results of the cardinal moon.

When the Moon is in mutable signs, it is difficult for us to concentrate on one thing, as many possibilities suddenly appear. The fixed Moon is difficult to change, and the mutable Moon is difficult to stabilize. But the mutable Moon opens up a lot of opportunities and gives flexibility to alter the course of decisions and projects, and to prepare for the start of the cardinal Moon.

Knowing that the sign placement of the Moon changes every 2.5 days, one can better understand the reactions of people around us!

At the same time, our task, as students of AKA is to remember that everything is controlled by consciousness and that we should not be influenced by the lunar mood. That is the essence of our spiritual work: eliminating our blockages.

When we actively share and spread love, we can rise above any astrological influence.

So let's move forward to great achievements and remember what our teacher Rav Berg always said – we should raise our consciousness over the influence of the material world!

Chodesh Tov!
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