Another Angle of The Planets
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Nechama Sinwani
In Kabbalistic astrology we learn a good deal about signs of Zodiac and their different qualities.

With their help we interpret the chart according to this formula:

Signs – what?
Planets – how?
House – where?

And the truth is there are no Black and White.

We always need to adapt everything that we see to the chart in front of us and especially to the person in front of us that came to do a chart reading.

Placement of planets in houses is no less significant than signs.

Planet that rules the house - has the authority of the affairs of that house.
It's called an active planet.
If a planet in that house is not a ruler than it needs to adapt to that house.
Eg. - If Sun is in 12th house than solar energy if modified. Need to make adjustment to self-expression. If the Sun is ruler of 7th house - person self-expiration has to do with the Other.

When there are no planets in the house it requires less direct attention than houses which are populated by planets.

Any activity that relates to an unoccupied house is interrogated into the activity of the house in which the ruler is located.

Meaning that if the 1st house is empty of planets you need to look for the house where Mars is located.

Retrograde planet in the house means that a planet has a lower visibility, there are a delay in utilizing some skills but no negation of those skills!!!

Another important issue that creates confusion and it's in which placement in the house the planet operates the most: on the cusp or in the middle of the house ?

If a planet in the house is not in the sign which starts that particular house than this planet will have less influence in that house. And therefore, it will have more affinity with the next house and sign that this house starts.

Meaning in some cases the planet will have more influence in the next house,rather than in the house that it's positioned.

Eg - Mars in Scorpio in 1st house that starts with Libra, and 2-nd house starts with Scorpio = so Mars will be more operative in 2nd house.

Another eg - Sun in Aries in 18 degrees, in the 2-nd house, with the 3rd house at cusp at 28 degrees Aries. So, the Sun would be associated with 2-nd house interpretation - a person would find it especially painful to be criticized because he is insecure and as a result will refrain from stating his opinions, but It's incorrect – it's more connected to the 3rd house where this person's mind is constantly searching for answers for his many questions, he will be eager to express his views at every opportunity.

Meaning in some cases the planet will have more influence in the next house,rather than in the house that it's positioned.
Another issue

Planets operate differently according to their position to the cusp of the houses.

The closer the planet is to the degree of on the cusp (either from one side or the other - from 12th or 1st) - the more powerful and precise is its involvement with the affairs of that house.

Eg. - Mars in 12th house close to the Asc and Mars in 1st close to the cusp.

Astrologers often say - planet that makes an exact trine to the Asc is very strong.

Greater influence and stronger placement for a planet is in a house is close to the cusp.

When a planet is in the middle of the house - its influence diminishes rather than increases.

So, regarding Mars close to the cusp of the beginning of the 1st house will have an affinity with the 1st ,3rd house and 8th (trine - Mars rules Aries and Scorpio which are 1st house and 8th house)

Another interesting information about subdivision of the houses in the chart, they divided into 4 additional trinity:

Houses 1, 5 and 9 Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Spiritual action trinity Houses 2, 6 and 10 Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn Wealth Houses 3, 7 and 11 Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Relationships Houses 4, 8 and 12 Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Soul.

Fire planets houses (Spiritual action trinity) – planets in those houses effect the attitude towards life itself and entire sense of confidence in ourselves. His/her enthusiasm, ideas, dreams for the future.

Earth planet houses (Wealth) – effect our attitude towards career, ambitions, how to produce effective results. Those tend to really settle to in life, it's like they are searching for ways to be most productive and easier satisficed trough their practical needs.

Air planet houses (Relationships) – strongly effect our interest and associations, mood of verbal expression and our social life. They tend to live in mind and in relationships.

Water planet houses (Soul) – effect our emotional predisposition and how we are copying with them, fulfilling our privet needs, and confronting our obsessive feelings as well. Someone with emphasis on water houses, maybe have a great deal to live in his/her feelings, deeper earning.