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Different types
of Astrology
There are many different types of Astrology. We will look at some of them like Chinese, Indian or Vedic, Medieval, and astrology according to Ibn Ezra.
Chinese Astrology
Chinese astrology is based on the cycle of Jupiter. There are different signs for each year. It uses 3 of the same elements that we use-Fire, Earth, Water-and two we do not use, Metal and Wood. And those elements are a connection to environment and space where a person functions like home and office. This is called the art of Feng Shui.

Indian or Vedic Astrology
In the astrology we are familiar with, we use a tropical zodiac. A tropical zodiac aligns a fixed spring equinox in Aries. From there we divide the earth - imagine a belt around the earth- into 12 different segments and we use these segments as a house system.

Indian astrology uses a sidereal zodiac, where the constellations shift due to the wobble of the Earth. So, the Tropical Zodiac and the Sidereal Zodiac are not the same.

The earth has slightly shifted its axis in the past 10,000-20,000 years.

What was observed many thousands year ago and what we see today from the point of view of the earth, is different. It has moved by 20 degrees or so.
For example, Jupiter in Indian astrology will only enter to Aquarius on December 1st. Where in Western Astrology it will enter into Pisces.

Indian Astrology also has the addition of an extra sign of the Zodiac; so there are 13 signs. We have 13 signs in Kabbalistic Astrology in what we call a pregnant year which happens 7 times in 19 years. We add a second month of Pisces.

Indian Astrology uses additional stars besides the planets of the Solar system and it uses different elements for interpretation.
Medieval Astrology
We learned Medieval Astrology in Level 6 of AKA. It is s very different from modern astrology in the sense of the interpretation, where the emphasis is the planets rather than the signs of the Zodiac.

We consider Zodiac sings - our Sun signs. For the medieval astrologer, the planets come first. Planets in the signs show the mood of the planet. Depending on different factors, which we actually learn, and the sign that the planet is in, is merely a mood, that's all.

So, signs are very secondary to the planets. And of course, Medieval Astrologers do not consider Pluto, Uranus or Neptune at all.

Medieval astrology specialises in planets. When using this discipline, we look for factors like Almuten (the strongest planet), we look for planets that are weak or exalted, their ruler, their favorable triplicity, and we learn different terms to interpret their significance.
Ibn Ezra
Some of Arabic astrology and little bit of Indian astrology was gathered in Baghdad, according to Ibn Ezra. We study about Ibn Ezra's system a lot. And I always try to give you a lot of information from him.

But in medieval astrology even more so, we completely use what Ibn Ezra says.

All the astrology of the world has good in it. We can learn from all. But he compiled the interpretation that has Kabbalah within it.
Sefer Yetzira is really the optimum of Kabbalistic Astrology. It is completely cosmic.

Taken from one of the Q&A session for AKA – by Yael Yardeni.
Bet Ayin

Karen Berg on New Moon of Capricorn
Brad Pitt
and Angelina Jolie

Example of a synastry chart
Teacher of the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology
In Synastry we look at HIS planetary aspects and how they interact with HER planetary aspects.

How energy aligns?

Connection that describes the relationships, not personality!

Synastry will highlight specific zodiac degrees that will be relevant and special just to those relationships.

Brad Pitt and on the right Angelina Jolie
The first comparisence technique is to pick up persons Sun and transplant it into the other persons Sun.

We take Angelina Jolie Sun in Gemini in 13 degree and drop it into Brad Pitt's chart – in 7th house.

So, he looks at her as the best partner.

And if we pick up Brads Sun in 25 degrees in Sagittarius and drop it into Angelina chart, at the very end of the 5th house, close to 6th house.

5th house is romance.

When Brad comes to Angelina life, she might get stuck on that 5th house energy, but later it moves into house of service (what they did together).

Another thing is when we are looking at 2 charts of 2 people for relationships, you want to firstly have a quick look at the person's chart – what is he/she looking for in relationships?

Bradd Pitt – Sagittarius with Sagittarius Ascendant .

Stellium of planets in Capricorn including his North Node.

From relationships prospective we got Gemini Dsc. (7th house ), meaning that it will operate accordingly to the ruling planet – Mercury ( which in the chart in Capricorn) .

Mercury in Capricorn is very grounding and solid, but also very closed.

Gemini sign on the Dsc. highlights many partners and communication in relationships, get bored easily, need variety.

But Mercury in Capricorn adds some tradition.

Stellium planets in Capricorn are prepared to work hard to get what they want!

If we go deeper – Mercury ( ruling 7th house of relationships) has the tighter aspect with Neptune in Scorpio and it's the quality of fantasy, glamour, fairy tale, need for emotional connection, spiritual, compassion and empathy.

His Venus is close to his moon – Venus will show us what kind of women he is looking for and next to the moon is the nurturing and mothering.

Drawn to women that want to be the mom or has this mother earth quality.

Angelina Jolie –

Gemini with Cancer Ascendant.

Uranus in Libra in 4th house – unusual family.

Moon is the ruling planet of Ascendant in Aries.

Moon is technically in the 9th house, but it's been pulled over to the 10th house – what we do for the living and what is our ideals ?

Also we have Mars next to the moon , which is 5th house ruler.

Moon conjunct Jupiter, natural ruler of foreign oversees connections.

How is she approaching motherhood ?

In that mystical and philosophic way and having an international quality to it.

Her first couple of kids were adopted.

When she physically gave birth to her twins it was in France.

Jupiter energy is also very strong in her chart.

Mars shows what kind of man she is looking for and also the 7th house, which is in Capricorn – grounded, traditional, mysterious, ambitious and slow.

Saturn rules that house and there is some kind of challenge, something that is missing, something she needs to work hard for ( Saturn in Cancer in 12th house – some hidden family secrets as well).

Saturn and Jupiter in square aspect which is about stretching when it comes to relationships and family and expending that family as well.

Family also brings growth.

In conclusion – they fell in love and worked together , than they worked on expanding their family with kids … But something didn't hold them long enough…

Now it's your turn to fill up the rest of the blanks of these two.
Written by Nechama Sinwani , with love.
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