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Dear Students!

We are very happy to welcome the Astrological New Year - the new Moon of Aries.

It's essential for all of us to keep our spirits and consciousness high as the world is really in labor pains with the ongoing plague of Corona.

As the Rav would teach , all airborne diseases are related to the misuse of our tongues and so we should really spread words of love and wisdom .

Month of Aries being the head of the 12 months gives us an opportunity to fix ourselves in the seed level, as Aries represents the potential of the year to come.

The chart of this month gives us mixed feelings. The fire of the Aries is very tempered by planets in Taurus and Capricorn. In fact, it feels more like a slower earth month than the bright fire we are used to in Nissan!

No worries, good work can still be done. The 8th astrological house of transformation and reinvention is activated along with the 10th house of accomplishments. Many of us promised ourselves many things in the past year, like going to the gym, taking on better eating habits,…etc well now is the time to implement all these wishes! The strong saturnine energy will push us forward and will make us very perseverant this month.

Saturn already shifted to the sign of Aquarius, and slowly many things are starting to fall into place in our lives. Maybe we are not feeling the usual Aries fire works, but our energy is strong and centered, and that the most important.

Chodesh Tov and Happy New Astrological year to all!
Keep healthy!

Yael Yardeni
Dean of the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology

(Hey Dalet)

Karen Berg
Message for the New Moon of Aries
Portion of Pinchas
392 – 398

The Zohar speaks of the thirteen pedals on the rose. There are also thirteen Attributes of Mercy which signify the concept of miracles and wonders. In addition, thirteen denotes one more than twelve, indicating our ascension over the influences of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Our read ignites all this power in our lives helping us receive the miracles we truly need. Sickness and judgment decreed to us by the planets and stars are mitigated. Moreover, miracles now become the norm, a natural part of our existence instead of a scarce and infrequent phenomenon.
the progressed moon
Teacher of the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology
You birth chart shows the map of your life, it's always there to show the lessons you need to learn and how to raise your consciousness.

But throughout your life there are certain times of potential growth and development in your life.

That way you can advance your chart and there are several techniques for that.

Transits – this is when planets that are moving in the cosmos travel around your chart and making angles to the planets, also transits called travelers.

And there is also a progression chart.
What is the difference?
Transits show where the planets in the universe are located at the given moment.

But progression is a symbolic movement of planets in your birth chart, meaning that they not actually moving in the universe but they progress in your chart during the years and influence your life.

Progressed moon is one of important aspects in interpreting the progressed chart.

Moon moves in the universe 12 to 14 degrees in a day and that way the moon changing sign every 2,5 days.

In the progressed chart our natal moon will move 12 to 14 degrees in a year, so it will change sign every 2.5 years.

So, a day of movement in actual cosmos will equal a year movement in a progressed chart.

Natal moon shows us our emotional needs, what we need to feel happy, how to nurture and take care of ourselves. The progressed Moon can show us our emotional needs that will come with time as we progressed trough life.

Natal moon is like our body and progressed moon is like trying a difference piece of clothing on. And you have 2 years to see how it fits you – and that way you get to know yourself in a different way with different experience.
For instance – if your progressed moon is in Sagittarius you will get a sense of freedom to do whatever you want , to start new experiences, to go where the wind blows.

During your Capricorn moon you will be encouraged to try on a more conservative aspect, that will help you to take the energy of previous moon if Sag that is overflowing and direct it in particular areas of your life where there is a need of structure and system.

You can also take one of your ideas and bring it to fruition, which was difficult to do when your progressed moon was in Sagittarius.

That way doing a progressed chart will help you to see what opportunities you have opening up for you this coming year and make use of them.

With Love, Nechama.

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