Kabbalistic Astrology Forecast for 2021 with Yael Yardeni
December 20th
5:00 pm (Moscow time)
6:00 am PT
9:00 am EST
Kabbalah Centre Moscow
The most expected event of the year!
Yael Yardeni will tell you what to expect in politics, economy and society in 2021, and will make an individual forecast for each sign of the zodiac.
Your personal guidance for 2021
A special event for those who want to live in harmony with cosmos and to take right decisions in the right time, to have a clear estimation of yourself and situation, to foresee success and to avoid misfortune – Yael Yardeni, one of the most demanded astrologers of the world, will make an astro forecast for 2021 and will give advice to each sign of Zodiac, speaking about their power and weakness in the coming year.

Among all of the developed spiritual teachings of today astrology remains to be a never ending leader. The position of stars and planets with an overwhelming accuracy reveals a person's character, his/her life, destiny and previous incarnations. The stars can foresee mass and global catastrophes, wars and general tendencies among countries.
New opportunities
The main difference between the Kabbalistic astrology and the conventional one lies in the fact that ordinary astrology just reflects the star picture of what may happen. Kabbalistic astrology provides instruments that can change completely the course of events.

If you look at the forecast from the Kabbalistic astrology point of view then you can see not just a destined course of events but a unique set of opportunities to make the coming year truly fantastic!
On Sunday, December 20th Yael Yardeni will give a seminar where she will speak about the expectations from 2021 and will make an individual forecast for each sign of the Zodiac.
Join us online, invite your friends and get your personal guidance for
an amazing and successful year!
05.00 pm Moscow | Dec 20 | Kabbalah Centre MOSCOW
What to expect from 2021?
Kabbalistic Astrology Forecast for 2021 with Yael Yardeni
9:00 am EST
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