Kabbalistic secrets of the month of Scorpio

As we are entering the lunar month of Scorpio, let's get ready for the cosmic boiling water…. handle with care… 
As we learn in Kabbalistic Astrology, the Scorpio sign represents the fire of the water, and surely harmony doesn't exist between these 2 elements- we pretty much end up in a steam room! 

But of course the month of Cheshvan is ruled by Mars and co ruled by Pluto, so no peace in that either. 

The Kabbalistic tradition defines 3 kinds of Scorpio: the Snake , the Scorpion, and the Eagle, in order of spiritual growth. There is a belief that King David was a Scorpio (the paradoxical warrior& poet…). 

What can we expect from the molad's chart? 

First of all, there is a strong component of air, especially Libra, which will absolutely tone down the intensive energy of this month; Mercury is in retrograde motion in Scorpio, and located in the 8th astrological house. Care should be taken to not enter confrontations, as Mars and the black Moon are retrograde also, placed in aggressive Aries. The best advice of this month is to search for the goodness in everyone, and work at analyzing facts rather than acting on impressions or feelings. 

With Neptune at the charts ascendant, we can expect surges of mysticism which will be put to greater use by our positive actions. Neptune located in the 12th house will strongly activate our subconscious level and give all of us very meaningful dreams this month. 

In addition, care should be taken to observe stricter boundaries, with ourselves and others . Control should always be about self control! 

Wishing everyone a fantastic and fruitful month of RAM (elevated) month of Cheshvan.