Astrology Forecast for the Month of Taurus

The least we can say about this month is that we should expect the unexpected! Things are unpredictable. Uranus is close to the sun and the moon, so let’s get ready to rock.

In addition, Venus and Saturn are trining, so real issues in love, relationships, and work come to the forefront and will hopefully be put into order. Since Saturn is involved, this is an ideal time to commit to a relationship or work. If a relationship is strained, this is a good opportunity to work through the problem and find a solution. Productivity is also very active. Business deals will work out if they are low risk.

Let’s look at the Sefer Yetzira, the first book written about kabbalistic astrology, to better understand the ruler of this month, planet Venus:

“… and He made the letter kaf king over life, and He bound a crown to it, and He combined one with another, and with them, He formed Venus in the universe, Wednesday in the year, and the left eye in the soul, male and female.”

Venus is considered to be the ruler of life. And when we look closer, we find that life is synonymous with both the creation and the maintenance of life. The creation of another human being is made through love (Venus), and we maintain life thanks to our basic needs for food, shelter, and parnassa, or sustenance, as well as healing (all ruled by Venus!). Overall, our mission for this whole month is to stabilize and ground ourselves with the help of Venus.

Let’s have a bit of a roast for our lovely Taureans friends, as accustomed!

The external energy of Taurus is earth, while its internal energy is fire. Together, it’s a volcano! Peaceful during the day, they are much more active at night when their ruler, Venus, shines!

Very fond of systems, they appreciate the routine of life. In fact, it is very unadvisable to use the word “change” when communicating with a Taurus! Instead, use words like, upgrade, transformation, improvement… just not “change”.

Mostly kind and patient under all circumstances, if they reach their critical mass, all hell breaks loose, like a volcano! The anger of Taurus is legendary. Taureans, who affected the course of history are of the best and the worse. Think, artists like Shakespeare and Bono, or doctors like Dr. Freud and Dr. Spock, or Samuel Morse, who invented Morse code. There are also extreme opposites like Oskar Schindler and Karl Marx!

Their universe is all about love, but love is complicated. Therefore, they are notorious for staying in denial, even if experiencing abuse. They might say things like, “I know my partner loves me…” (even if they have strange ways of showing this!). The real secret of this sign is the Light of healing, which is why many successful doctors are born under this sign.

Since lunar Taurus is a time of harsh judgement (the Omer), it’s no surprise that a bunch of selfish villains and dictators, whose dictatorship brought their countries back to the Stone Age, were also born under this sign: Saddam Hussein, Hitler, and Lenin.

Overall, nothing about this month will feel familiar to any of us, but at the end of the day, life is truly an adventure!