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Chodesh tov to all of you!

This month, our Newsletter is packed with good advices and plenty of knowledge.

As the Sages teach us "When Adar- Pisces enters, we should be filled with Joy", and this year, the chart of the molad is a happy combination of fire and water with a great emphasis on the 5th astrological house of playfulness, creativity , children… As you are all aware, this is the house of Leo, and it will shine a bright light in our lives. This is a fantastic time for Arts, a new hobby, allowing our creativity to flow and so much more.

By popular request, here are some useful advices from my Senior Astrologer personal suitcase!

1-Never forget the forest behind the tree. Inevitably some features will pop up to you immediately when you read a chart. Learn to make note of it and move on to the bigger picture.

2-When reading our Astrological manual, or any astro book for that matter, care should be taken to not become so literal about it. For instance when we read about the nodes, or Saturn placements, there are explanations that should be amplified… and sometimes canceled! Some other features in a chart can neutralize or optimize any given aspect. With depth and some experience, we will learn when everything gets activated.

3- Finally, never never limit yourself in your interpretation; always keep it positive and open. Remember the power of words: 'words create worlds', the last thing we want to achieve in chart readings is to 'lock' someone in a tikkun of some sort.

On a happy note, our new Level 1 Students did great on their first test! Congratulations to all the Astro Juniors and great continuance in AKA 2!

Wishing everyone fantastic studies this month.

Love and light.

Yael Yardeni
Dean of the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology

(Gimel KUF)

Rav Berg
on New Moon of Pisces
Portion of Beresheet

"And Elohim made the two great luminaries" (Beresheet 1:16). "And...made" signifies the greatness and the full establishment of everything, as it should be. The phrase: "The two great luminaries" indicates that the two great luminaries, which are Zeir Anpin and his Female principle, were united at first. This is the secret of the full name Yud Hei Vav Hei - Elohim, which although not openly revealed can be surmised. So the "two great luminaries" appear in a full name, even though the name Elohim shines only in a concealed way.
What does your astrological generation say about you?
I noticed that 3 higher planets: Pluto, Uranus and Neptune have a certain influence on us as generation.

And even though there are thousands of people that are born at the particular generation you can see what they have in common and you can see in their astrological chart how they use it to reveal their potential.

For example – Pluto in Virgo, in many charts that I did so far, all the people that came in this generation somehow obsessed with the food and diets and etc …

Or generation with Neptune in Sagittarius – it's a generation that wants to travel to see the world, to get to know different types of spirituality and self-development.

Academic research has identified five generations:

the Seniors or Silent Generation, beginning around 1930; the Baby Boomers or Me Generation; Generation X; Generation Y; and, finally, Generation Z or the We Generation.

Teacher of the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology

Let's see few more examples
In Libra Neptune (October 1942 to 1956) seeded a thought of redemption trough personal relationships, at that time love was a spiritual search.

Then in Scorpio (born 1956 to November 1970) it was a search for a higher-level experience shifted to the realms of Scorpio's sexuality, emotional intensity and financial acumen.

Those born 1970 to 1984, with Neptune in Sagittarius, instead seeked higher-level experience through travel, study and exploring belief and the spirit of adventure.

Then silent generation which started with Neptune in Virgo, was seeking a higher level of experience trough duty and service, and with Pluto in Cancer it added extra emphasis to home, family and national identity, strong nationalism and tight family roles.

The Baby boomers of Me generation started when Pluto moved to Leo, it was a generation that was recovering after WW2, a time of a redistribution of power and influence on the global stage as settlements were made and treaties signed.

Pluto together with Uranus in the time of this generation gave a theme of independence.

When Neptune entered Libra, it was about redemption trough love and relationships, and sexual revolution, then Uranus entered Gemini and added freedom of thought and communication, which led to new freedom in relationships.

In conclusion you can see that souls coming in groups with a certain purpose , and they are looking for a ways to manifest it in their lives on the personal and global levels as a group .

When Pluto moved to Cancer in 1950th freedom at home came with energy saving devices, mainly to be used by women that didn't work. Late 1951 – 1952 as this generation matured it came to search of a romance with constant breaking and remaking of marriage unions.

Between September 1955 and September 1957, all 3 planets changes signs, Uranus in Leo defined powerful ego drives, making a steamy combo with the emotional intensity of Neptune in Scorpio. Breaking gender and sexual tradition as part of self – expression, and it led to open a social dialogue of the next generation – Generation X.

Which were radical social changes of the 1960s and to the Vietnam War, change of public attitude towards the war. From 1962 to 1968 was the first outer planet alignment and turning point of 20th century.

In conclusion you can see that souls coming in groups with same goal which manifests not only in their personal lives' but as a sum of people that influence each other and countries.
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