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Message from the Dean
Yael Yardeni
Dean of the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology
Dear students, welcome to the month of Leo.

What a strange month! There is barely any fire in the cosmos right now! Only Mars is in Aries to save the day! But of course the 1st 10 days of Av are considered difficult.

It is highly advisable to not pick a fight, antagonize or even speak as 3 heavy planets in Capricorn are burdening our communication and our thoughts. Saturn is also in retrograde motion, back in the previous sign of Capricorn. Our best option right now is to wait for a later date to express what we truly feel. In addition, Uranus is opposing the rising of the chart, and it creates unexpected bursts and strange behaviors in our surroundings. Our job right now is to pacify all the spirits, and not to trust what we see. Neptune in retrograde in the 4th creates mirages, which will dissipate in the next month.

The cosmos is advising us to use the path of wisdom and sensibility. It's also a great idea to inspire ourselves with books, and maybe and taking on a new hobby.

The fire signs are very edgy and restless, and should go on a vacation! In love quiet time is needed.

The earth signs are feeling like a bull in a china shop. Take a deep breath and move on. In love, beware of arguments, which will spin out of control.

The air signs feel a little suffocated, but it will pass soon. No major decisions should be taken in love.

The water signs should concentrate on heightening their intuitive skills. In love, they are learning to be truly unconditional.

Chodesh Tov to all
With love, Yael Yardeni
(Tet Kaf)
(Tet Kaf)

Rav Berg on New Moon of Leo
Portion of Balak
They place that bird in that one window, OF THE ONES MENTIONED ABOVE, AND DURING THE DAY they open the window in the direction of the sun THAT RULES BY DAY. At night, they open the window in the direction of the moon, WHICH RULES BY NIGHT, and they burn incense and perform witchcraft. DURING THE DAY, they conjure the sun TO BESTOW ITS ABUNDANCE and at night they conjure the moon. And so they perform for seven days. From then on, that tongue is already rattling in the mouth of the bird, BUT IS STILL UNABLE TO SPEAK. THEN they puncture her tongue with a golden needle and she speaks great things on her own. Everything that Balak knew came from that bird. Therefore, HE WAS CALLED 'the son of bird' and he saw what other people were unable to know and could not see.
Mysteries of 12th House
– And again, about the 12th house, which to me is a mysterious one.

Teacher of the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology
Wanted to share with you some more information that I learned.

We know in Kabbalistic Astrology that this house is about the end of our correction, to what we need to come to , but trough evolution to get there we go through many challenges , that supposed to help us, especially if we have planets in that house.

So firstly, any planet in that house has a karmic, past life experience.

This is a house where we hide things from ourselves, so part of our spiritual work is to recognize our limitations by becoming aware of issues of this house.

Issues and qualities of that house becoming suppressed, we feel that they are not tolerated by environment and we need to learn how to express them right.

Not to become a warrior or withdraw, but do it with awareness and sensitivity to others in regardless of our childhood experiences that tells us differently.

What will assist in expressing the power of those planets in 12th house is to find a career that will allow the person to express the quality of those planets.

For people with planet in that house is hard to take upon themselves pressure from environment, they tend to withdraw, tend to look angry.

Learn to get out of that state – spend more time with people and most importantly TALK.

This is also a healing house, lives guinea pigs.

What they experience themselves – they eventually come to share with other people.
all is possible, we just need to become conscious about those challenges so we can overcome them
Few examples –

Person that has Sun in Leo in 12th house, from one side resent people that are showing off, but has an inner need to show herself, so she found a part time job as a clown where she could wear a mask and be whoever she wanted and don't feel judgment from people that say she is showing off.

And after work she could take off that mask.

Another example is JK Rowling

When she writes its very privet, she rents a room in hotel to write.

Some people have negative attitude about Mercury in RX.

Many original astronauts had Mercury in Rx in the 60th

And for her when her Mercury turned Rx in her progression chart – she began writing books of Harry Potter. And there is a lot of introspections and reflections in those books.

Another example if a Sun in 12th house – an individual wasn't given an adequate Ego support growing up. They were staying in the back and be invisible.

It makes the individual very sensitive to issues of approval.

So, to conclude if we have planets in that house or we know people that have planets there, we can help them by showing them ways to express the qualities of those planets.

We belief in Kabbalistic Astrology that we came here to change and transform and the only way to change is trough difficulties, as my teacher and founder of AKA Karen Berg says , and in order to shape the diamond you have to put it trough pressure.

So, all is possible, we just need to become conscious about those challenges so we can overcome them.

With love, Nechama Sinwani.
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