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Have a wonderful New Month
Love Yael Yardeni
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Rav Berg on New Moon of Cancer
The Zohar
Ki Tetze: Verse 112
Regarding it Abraham was told, "Get you out of your country, and from your kindred, and from your father's house" (Beresheet 12:1), namely, from your nativity, WHICH IS THE ASTROLOGY OF STARS AND CONSTELLATIONS, from those houses of the moon, of Saturn, or Mars - since it says of Mars, Saturn and the moon that one must not start things on Monday and Wednesday, because Mars has in itself the redness of the sun, WHICH INDICATES Gehenom, Esau's mother, who was born on the second day OF THE WORKS OF CREATION, WHICH IS WHY WE DO NOT START ON MONDAY. The moon is both good and evil, good when it shines FULLY and evil when it is in ITS DAYS OF wane.
The T-square
Let's talk about one of the interesting aspects
in Astrology – T-Square,also referred to as T-Cross.

Teacher of the Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology
This aspect occurs when 2 planets are opposing each other and a third
planet squaring them.
This aspect is not rare, occurs in 40% of the charts and gives a certain push
to person to work on overcoming those challenges, it also shows in many
charts of well-known individuals who made an impact on the world such as Bette Midler, Piers Morgan, Elton John, Walt Disney and more.

The planet that square the opposition is called focal planet or apex.
This planet is causing tension and sometimes self-blockage, disharmony and imbalance, which makes it difficult to become aware of the 2 opposite
planets and their dialog.

Opposition is like, my teacher Yael Yardeni, used to say – 2 dogs that lock
stare at each other.

And this is usually expressed through individual's relationships.

The house and the sign in which the focal planet is located will show in which area of life it plays out.

One of the solutions for T-square can be found in the opposing house that is called an empty leg, it will often show how to solve the tension and blockage.

Another solution will be shown by basic urges and desires of the focal planet.

T square is a dynamic aspect , it calls upon developing a greater awareness of the needs and rights of others and the focal planet will challenge the person by bring the focus back onto self – I don't agree, I don't want to accept it, I am overwhelmed, cannot cope with pressure.

If the focal planet is not dealt with, than the planets in opposition will project upon each other in the most negative way, driving person into 2 separate directions.

Planets in opposition are going to be constantly aggravated by the focal planet.

So sooner or later, the person will have to find a way to deal with it.
An example – chart of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

1 The T-square is in the sings of left column (fixed), big desire to receive for self alone, my beliefs and my principles, not open to change their mind that easily.

2 The planets involved are – Saturn, the focal planet in 10th house in Rx motion next to MC, on the left Mars and Jupiter 1st and 2nd houses in Aquarius and on the right Neptune on Leo in 8th house.

3 Mars and Jupiter – 2 planets that can either push the person to expand herself towards people or create borders and feel that she is above and not being understood. On the other side of opposition is Neptune in Leo which is permitting the transformation of a queen into people's person, if she chooses to undergo this process.

4 This axis of Leo/Aquarius is about identity and understanding how to
be with people and for others, to fight for rights of other people and their needs and not being afraid to lose her own identity which she is very much trying to protect.

5 And the odd planet here is Saturn and in Rx motion.

With Love
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